Older Adult Health Education, Resources and Caregiver Support and Training

The UAMS Centers on Aging is a program of the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging.  The mission of the centers is to improve health outcomes of older Arkansans through multiple innovative education programs geared toward our senior adult population as well as clinical professionals providing care to our seniors.

We offer free community education and exercise programs to senior adults across the state.  Visit our location pages for more information on programs in your area!

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Volunteer Respite Training

Free Respite Training for Volunteer Respite Providers, Caregivers, and Community and Faith-based Groups

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Some people have several medications they take daily. Take a look at this video that provides a few pointers when it comes to managing a medication list.

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Arkansas state map of centers on aging locations
  • South Arkansas Center on Aging- El Dorado, AR
  • West Central Center on Aging- Fort Smith, AR
  • Delta Center on Aging- Helena/West Helena
  • Center on Aging-Northeast- Jonesboro, AR
  • Donald W. Reynolds, Institute on Aging, Center on Aging, Little Rock, AR
  • South Central Center on Aging- Pine Bluff, AR
  • Schmieding Center for Senior Health and Education- Springdale, AR
  • Texarkana Regional Center on Aging- Texarkana, AR